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We work with technology vendors ranging from global corporations through to new startups, focusing on interesting topics like artificial intelligence, remote working technologies, healthcare tech, and much more.

Below is a selection of technology articles we’ve created for our clients.


Uniphore wanted a fun piece of content to engage readers in the run up to the holiday season. We created a song based on the classic 12 Days of Christmas.

Read here: 12 Days of Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence is a field surrounded by hyperbole and misinformation. So we created a blog exploring the AI reality.

Read here: What’s Actually Happening in AI?

We summarised a conversation between Uniphore’s Patrick Ehlers and Hayley Sutherland, an AI analyst at IDC.

Read here: Exciting Future of AI

We explored a strand of AI known as Reinforcement Learning, which Elon Musk believes is a threat to humanity.

Read here: What is Reinforcement Learning?

Mail Manager

We explored the need for the construction industry to evolve its processes with a particular nod to digital twins.

Read here: The Concept of the Digital Twin

With the world switching to remote working during the pandemic, we put together a guide to how businesses can maximise productivity across their deuy.

Read here: Remote Working Guide

People are increasingly interacting with AI systems at home, out and about and in the office. This blog takes us deeper inside the AI revolution.

Read here: AI’s Growing Role in Life and Business


As the pandemic hit, ensuring remote calls were secure was crucial for all enterprises. This blog explored how to keep calls safe on all devices.

Read here: Secure Video Conferencing

Telehealth services enable medical experts to expand their expertise beyond their practice and into patient homes. We explored how medical firms are benefiting from these new processes.

Read here: Enhancing Patient Care With Telehealth

World Wide Technology

Secure access service edge is vital as businesses embrace digital transformation. We explored what SASE is and why companies are using SASE networking.

Read here: What is SASE?

We explored the process of virtualization, how it works and the benefits it offers to enterprises.

Read here: What is Virtualization?

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