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Robilaz Writes is a marketing company creating engaging written content. We create marketing content, including blogs, thought leadership articles, whitepapers and social posts… and a song… for B2B brands. Our clients include global leaders through to innovative startups focused on topics or industries like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, finance, healthcare, the Internet of Things, and personal finance.

Content is King in Modern Business

It’s increasingly critical for businesses to create engaging content that captivates an audience and helps them stand out from their competitors. For example:

  • 97% of businesses used content as an important part of their marketing strategy in 2021, but only 57% had a documented content strategy (Semrush).
  • Content marketing generates 3x more leads per dollar and 72% of marketers say it increases their leads – but only 1 in 5 marketers know the best way to run a content marketing campaign. (Review42 research)

Therefore, having a steady stream of written content, from blogs and social posts to longer-form whitepapers, is vital to growing your brand and driving leads. We create content that helps our clients establish their voices in the market, win new customers, and raise awareness of new products and services.


What We Do

We specialise in writing about technology, cybersecurity, and digital marketing, but we’ve also written about healthcare, the economy, mortgages and sustainability. And we’re open to turning our hand to most topics.

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ChatGPT vs. Professional Writer: Which Is Better?

I’ve been hearing plenty about a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can be used to answer any questions that people have. Said tool, ChatGPT, is an intriguing example of how far AI technology has come, but can it write a better article than a professional writer?

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