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We’ve written about cybersecurity for a range of clients, from global B2B leaders to innovative startups. This includes SEO articles that helped clients stand out from their competitors during the pandemic to thought leadership content and longer-form research papers and whitepapers.

Below is a selection of the content we’ve created for cybersecurity businesses.


Cybercriminals have used tech exploits to attack devices and networks for decades. But hacking isn’t always illegal. This blog explores the history of hacking and the different types of hackers that exist.

Read here: What is Hacking?

Cognitive science is crucial to studying the human brain and understanding how it works. We explored the development of cognitive science and new theories.

Read here: What is Cognitive Science?

Data breaches are occurring with greater frequency and at a higher cost than ever. This blog defines a data breach, how they occur and how to prevent them.

Read here: What Is A Data Breach?

Malicious hackers attempt to exploit vulnerabilities and infiltrate corporate resources. This blog explores the motivations of black hat hackers and how to survive their activities.

Read here: What Is Black Hat Security?

Identity theft is a growing concern as cybercriminals target personal data. This blog explores how hackers go about stealing a person’s identity and how to protect against attacks.

Read here: What Is Identity Theft?

Curious about just how scary the threat of hacking is? Then dig into this compilation of leading cybersecurity stats.

Read here: Top Cybersecurity Statistics


We worked on a series of articles that aimed to inspire new people to get in to the cybersecurity industry. We used an interview with an Okta employee to create a blog discussing issues like Zero Trust and cybersecurity trends to look out for in 2023.

Read here: Cyber Security Advocate: Meet Nicole Cato

Another blog from the series featured an interview with the CIO of Auth0. It explores bridging the talent gap in cybersecurity and why identity is all about people.

Read here: Cyber Security Advocate: Meet Jameeka Green Aaron

Multi-factor authentication is a crucial tool in helping businesses put an end to passwords. This SEO article looks at what we mean by MFA.

Read here: What is Multi Factor Authentication

When Okta launched a game based on coding skills, we took a look to see what it was all about.

Read here: Introducing Code Tycoon

This blog explores the world of biometrics, how they work, their security considerations and how businesses should use them.

Read here: What is Biometric Authentication

With decentralized identity, people get greater control over which data they share and who has access to that information. We look at the benefits and how the process works in practice.

Read here: Decentralized Identity

Password managers are vital to helping people protect their online accounts and devices with strong passwords that are harder to hack.

Read here: What Is A Password Manager

Dedicated IT

Healthcare organizations are more at risk of cyber attacks and suffer more costly data breaches than any other industry. This blog explores how health firms can protect their data, patients and employees from cyber threats.

Read here: How healthcare organizations can fight cyberattacks

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